The Royal Australian Air Force Welfare Trust Fund (RWTF) was established under the Services Trust Funds Act 1947 and is administered in the interests of serving and ex-serving members of the RAAF and their dependants.

The Fund is managed by Canberra based Trustees who are supported by a network of regional representatives, usually RAAF Chaplains, located at each RAAF Base.

The RWTF currently provides assistance to eligible persons by way of low cost loans and grants.  Loans are only available to serving RAAF members and to Reserve members undergoing full-time duty.  Grants are only made in exceptional circumstances.


The Royal Australian Air Force Welfare Trust Fund is an entity for the purposes of the Senate Order.  A listing of contracts has not been developed as the Fund has not entered into any contracts that satisfy the criteria set out in Paragraph 2(a) of the Order.

(Updated 1 April 2020)